Content, Culture and Language: The Learner's Perspective

Comenius Regio 2009-2011

This project focuses upon aspects of foreign languages teaching and learning in primary schools within the two partner regions. Collaboration
between the two authorities will ensure greater understanding of educational organisation in each region, and allow each to learn from the other’s ways of working to support schools, particularly in the introduction of new initiatives and monitoring and evaluation of their impact.

At school level the project will share and develop emerging expertise in relation to three main areas: content and language integrated learning (CLIL); pupil voice; and the development of intercultural understanding.

CLIL offers opportunities to make foreign languages learning more meaningful and immediately relevant to learners, whilst ensuring it becomes embedded within the curriculum. This approach will facilitate development of deeper and more complex intercultural understanding than often pertains, and will enable teachers to tackle this area with greater confidence. The inclusion of pupil voice approaches will ensure that the learner’s perspective remains central to development of methodologies and resources, and will provide feedback beyond that of immediate participants.

The project will build upon the existing collaboration between two higher education institutions, and will add valuable perspectives of these providers of initial teacher training.